There are myriad issues and complications that come with child custody cases. Being an emotional moment for both partners and the involved children, deciding on who takes custody of which child becomes even more complicated. At Richard Thramer, we strive to represent our clients in diverse child custody cases.

We always advise our clients on the various types of child custody recognized by the law (like physical custodylegal custodysole custody and joint custody) so that they know the legal options at their disposal before settling on the one they prefer us to pursue.


Professional Advice from a Trusted Firm

We understand that the whole process can overwhelm you and that the partner you’re suing can take advantage of the case to benefit themselves instead of your children. Thus, we ensure that we are with you throughout the dispute process so that you don’t have to walk the walk alone. Even when you want to move out of state, remarry, or relocate for a job after establishing child custody, our child custody lawyers will guide you on issues concerning express consent, and notice in order to avoid your ex-partner legally preventing your relocation.

Our child custody experts will work with you to assess and advise you on whether your current place of residence is suitable for child custody before filing your case. This is because you’ll be required by the judges to prove that you’re capable of providing your child with comfortable, stable environment. Additionally, we give our clients detailed guidelines on the information that they should keep away from their partners to avoid comprising their lawsuits.


Hire Us to Safeguard Your Future

Our child custody attorneys are always prepared to handle your case and will leave no stone unturned. We will give you the best legal defense, even if you’ll not attend the trials. If you live in Sioux Falls, SD, and the surrounding regions, call (402) 494-5466 now and we will assign you to a child custody attorney right away!