Child support disputes are sometimes difficult to settle among the parties involved. You therefore need the help of a lawyer to resolve the disputes regarding your child support and visitation matters as soon as possible, and in an amicable manner. If courtroom litigation is unavoidable and you live in Sioux Falls, SD, and the surrounding regions, then look no further than our experienced lawyers at Richard Thramer Law to be on your side and give you a strong child support representation.

We defend the interests of our clients in the best way possible, keeping them updated at each stage of their case even without them having to attend trials.

The Right Attorneys for Aggressive Investigations and Representation

Fact-finding and detailed investigations about your partner are a must in resolving your child support dispute fairly. Although child support cases are resolved based on a set of established guidelines, the process is not always straightforward because of lack of evidence. However, our lawyers work aggressively and accurately to help our clients find valuable information and use it for their case. Such information includes:

  • Establishing the income of your partner from the employer
  • Number of children that should benefit from child support
  • The special needs of the involved children that must be featured in the case
  • Approximating the income of a self-employed partner and use it for your representation
  • Finding out if your partner is hiding some information about their earnings

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At Richard Thramer Law, we are committed to working with parents on issues relating to child support, including modifications and enforcement of orders concerning relocation and visitation matters. Our lawyers have many years of experience and immense knowledge of family law to guarantee our clients the best outcome.


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