Civil litigation is one of the branches of law that comprises a broad range of disputes resulting from wrongdoing between private parties, not involving the state. Without the help of an experienced litigation attorney, proving a fault or negligence and the extent of resulting damages or injury is almost an exercise in futility. However, at Richard Thramer Law, we have experienced attorneys who will give you the peace of mind that you need and increase chances of your civil case being successful.

With many years of experience in litigation cases in the Siouxland area and the surrounding regions, our civil litigation attorneys understand all the steps, procedures, and the necessary paperwork that is needed for the success of your case.

What Our Civil Litigation Attorneys Can Do for You

To begin with, you need to understand that civil and criminal cases are very different. Whereas criminal cases are filed by government agencies like the state or the police, on the other hand, civil cases are filed directly by your civil litigation attorney. At Richard Thramer Law, we have litigation attorneys who can defend, file or pursue any non-criminal lawsuit on your behalf. Below are some few examples of the civil litigations that deal with:

  • Debt settlement
  • Alimony
  • Discrimination
  • Personal injury
  • And more…

Our Litigation Lawyers Can Help. Talk to Us

We firmly believe that discussing with our clients the legal options available for their civil cases can significantly help in making the right decisions. Therefore, our civil attorneys will advise you on whether out-of-court settlement is possible for your case, or if it is best suited for a court trial. Unlike those who go it alone, hiring our civil litigation attorney guarantees you that a professional is handling your case, even without having to attend the trials.


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