couple in the middle of a divorceWhen it occurs, divorce can be one of the most stressful and expensive ordeals in your family’s life. Whether you’re already separated from your partner, or you
need answers about the divorce process; a qualified and experienced attorney is the only person who will guarantee you good results and informed legal counsel. This is particularly true if there are children and assets involved in your divorce case.

If you live in the Siouxland area and the surrounding regions, our divorce attorneys are at your disposal and ready to help you throughout the whole process of your divorce case.

Know Your Options

Before filing a divorce case, it is advisable to speak with an attorney who will guide you on the legal options beforehand and lead you down the best path. This is possible if you can schedule a pre-consultation with your divorce attorney, who will let you know the legal rights and what to expect if you move forward with your divorce case. At Richard Thramer Law, we have experienced attorneys who understand the inherent risks of a major life-change, and will be honest with you by clarifying all the necessary steps you should take during this troubling moment.

Our Child Support & Alimony Services

The complex part during a divorce is settling disputes concerning child support. However, our family law specialists can help you overcome this by simplifying the inherent challenges of agreeing on alimony issues. Our attorneys will assist you with:

  • Settling any alimony disputes
  • Fixing payment schedules
  • Getting sufficient child support to benefit the recipient
  • Payments that are fair and balanced with your income
  • And more…

Need a Family Attorney? We Can Help!

At Richard Thramer Law, we work with families to help them settle divorce disputes as soon as possible. We not only review your case but also guide you through the available legal options to help you make the right decisions. More importantly, we will always be on your side defending your interests until the completion of your case.